2014 Food

How will you eat in 2014?

After a few weeks away from Cooking in Coldwater cooking meetings and not doing much with this website, I’ve spent my lunch hour over the past few days focusing on it again. My passion for cooking healthier and together with friends has not diminished so I really want to find the time to move ahead.

Our progress during 2013 was a really fun and educational experience with an opportunity to develop new friendships. My 2014  goals for the group as a whole:

  1. Develop this website
    • Add recipes
    • Further integrate with our Facebook group which we’ll continue to use for communication, but less for the details of an event and recipes
    • Build site so that members who can’t make meetings, can still benefit from our group.
  2. Focus on healthy nutrition & fitness
    • Keep menus healthy with discussions about healthier alternatives when we do cook a “treat”.
    • Individual goal setting for members that want to change their diet or fitness. Support each other in those goals.
  3. Strengthen our active members as a group
    • Active members will have a website user account and will learn how to add content if they choose.
    • Add member information to their web page
    • Cleanup Facebook members if necessary.
  4. More cooking in small groups
    • We have enough active members that it’s okay that not everyone can make it to every meeting. Go to the meetings that interest you and fit your schedule.
    • Any member can schedule a cooking meetup. It doesn’t have to be planned far in advance or fancy. Cooking together is fun and what we’re all about. Think about asking someone or a few people to cook a meal with you and let the group know how it went.

What would you like to see for this group?

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