Squash and Fig Salad

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By Bunny Jones | Dec 9, 2014

This recipe is my Mom’s current caramel recipe. She has made caramels my entire life. She updated her recipe a few years ago after I got a recipe from Harbor House in Grand Haven, MI. She combined it with her own and revised it to come up with this amazing treat. ~Kim

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Lebanese Cauliflower Omelet

Lebanese Cauliflower Omelet

By Bunny Jones | Nov 9, 2014

Original recipe found in Chris Kressor’s The Better Than Paleo Cookbook. A hint of cinnamon gives this simple oven-baked omelet an exotic twist.

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Sweet Potato Wedges with Honey, Thyme, and Goat Cheese

By Jeff Jones | Nov 8, 2014

Recipe credit to Eat & Relish website Serves 2 This makes a delicious rustic side, or, if served with a big green salad a delightful vegetarian main course.  Use a good quality goat cheese, and if possible do not use the pre-crumbled type – it doesn’t have the same texture as the kind that comes…

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Better Than Paleo Cookbook

By Jeff Jones | Nov 8, 2014

Try these recipes for a week of inspired, paleo-friendly meals our ancestors could only dream of eating. Better-Than-Paleo-eBook-1-Week This pdf was downloaded from Chris Kresser excellent health website chriskresser.com

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Making Sauerkraut

By Bunny Jones | Nov 7, 2014

Making Sauerkraut on Wild Fermentation

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12 Fall Vegetables You Should Know How To Cook

By Bunny Jones | Nov 4, 2014

Link to article on thekitchn.com

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Grilling vegetables

Grilling Tips – Enjoy BBQ Grilled Meat while Minimizing Cancer Risk

By Bunny Jones | Aug 17, 2014


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Cauliflower Salad

Cauliflower Salad

By Bunny Jones | Aug 17, 2014

Like potato salad…but I without all those carbs

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Crusty Parmesean Zuchinni

Crusty Parmesan Herb Zucchini Bites

By Bunny Jones | Jun 18, 2014

Thank you Carol Hodson for sharing this recipe on Facebook Original recipe: http://bit.ly/1f8lkZe

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