While Facebook has been a great way for our newly formed cooking group to communicate and schedule cooking meetings, it’s very lacking in other features. My primary concern is that it difficult to look up recipes we have used in the past. I also wanted a place where everyone could contribute to and utilize cooking related websites and resources. So I began this website as a way to organize better and include the recipes. It will not replace our Facebook group, but will be an additional tool to help us organize and record our recipes and resources.

It is in the very early stages of development. Here are some of the things you should be able to find here in the near future.

  • Links to recipes sites
  • Categorized blog posts by club members
  • Photos from our meetings
  • Food photos
  • Meeting ideas
  • All the recipes from past meetings and then those we will be cooking
  • Member bios
  • Calendar with meetings and other cooking or fitness events
  • I’m open to any other suggestions you have.


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